Cosmogirl – Vote just for fun

I’ve got nominated for Cosmopolitan “You’re the best” 2009 Award in Fashion Designer category. You can even vote for me on the website there’s only a little problem: all this happens in Hungary and in hungarian:) Well it’s not a problem for me but I should act like Stephen Colbert to make my fans abroad vote for me.

But you know what?! Why shouldn’t we make a try?!:)


1. Click here or go to

2. There will be a form  with seven category containing 3 pictures/nominees each need to be filled. To be able to vote for me you should fill the whole form. I don’t want to tell you who you should vote in the other categories:) Put the sign to face you’ll find nice:)

3. Make sure you’ll put the sign next to my name: I’m in the 6th category called: Divattervezők at first place: Vágó Réka (Later you won’t need help cause you’ll recognize me of my pictures:)

4. Finishing you need to register: fill only the star-signed boxes: Neved: means your full name, write there

5. E-mail cimed: means: your email address, write there

6.Telefonszámod: means your phone number – no one will ever call you, don’t worry:)

7.Biztonsági kód: means security code, please write the security code you see above into the box

8. Click to Szavazat küldése – means you send your form!

You can vote until 30th november and the Cosmo Ceremony will be in january. Will see……


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