The Shoemaker Girl and the Mad Hatter in Wonderland again

It’s funny how Alice returns into my life time by time. In my 2005 Spring collection I was inspired by her adventures and designed sandals with keyholes and key decoration and I put playing card symbols on my bags. But the all time favorite was the a high-heel called the “Key to Men’s Heart” – it got the name because the heel itself  was key.

Now great Tim Burton came out with his Alice film, I’m so excited to watch it in 3D. And I’m even more excited because I am invited to the hungarian premier with a hat maker friend. He is as funny as Mad Hatter and we already have  orders to make funny out-fitts for the party after the premier. We wouldn’t miss the chance to make crazy hats and shoes for ourselves too. Hardly couldn’t wait! I’ll show you the preparations and pics from the party. The premier party will be in two weeks.


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