A dinner for real shoeaholic’s

Have you ever felt guilty about the number of your shoes? Did you ever find yourself attending a carpenter course just to learn how to make your own shoe-garderobe? Do you usually feel that nobody around you understands the importance of buying another red stiletto just because it’s the new red? If your answers are yes, then you have a place among us.

There is finally a place for the real shoe fans where they can live for their love for shoes. A night about shoes, and heel heights and colors – it’s the Shoeaholic’s Dinner. The first dinner was held at Le Meridien Budapest  with 4-course dinner, a fashion show with Peter Mero and a film about making my 2012 spring collection.

The dinner was created by Laurent Vandenameele, the Chef of Le Bourbon restaurant inspired by my new 2012 spring collection. He created very sexy and light but still delicious courses. The dessert was the “high-heelest” cake ever, made by István Mázás, at the pastry of Le Meridien Budapest.

There you go the pictures of the dinner & the perfect dessert.




photos: Peter Busák

More details coming soon…..




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