“– Tell me about the beginning?

– I got my first patent leather mary-jane when I was 3 years old that was my first fashion moment. Though I got engaged to fashion quiet early I’ve never really planned to be a designer. At last I studied at London College of Fashion and MOME where I graduated in 2003. I immediately started doing made-to-order shoes, and I’ve have launched my own brand, “rekavago”,  in 2005.

– What would you be if you weren’t a shoe designer?

– Ballerina………..

– Do you design only for women?

– I’ve just launched my new men lines, and planning to do it continuously. I was forced doing it for years by my dear friends…..I couldn’t do anything against it so I had to start making trendy derbies and chukka boots….

– What do like the most about your brand?

– I was lucky enough to study and work in traditional hand manufacturing workshops. Now I can mix the new technologies with the traditional techniques and that provides high quality and well-recognizable style for  my shoes. I love colors and like using them. I have a colorful brand in which I make real statement shoes and bags. No matter how simple is your outfit, just pick something from REKAVAGO and be different.”



For sales inquiries, please contact: info@rekavago.com

For press inquiries, please contact: marketing@rekavago.com

For design inquiries, please contact: reka@rekavago.com

Visit our website!

Our boutique : Budapest, 1137, Szent István park 2., Hungary



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  1. wow…I’m so inspired by you..can you tell me more of your story and how you got started. I’ve worked for many companies as a technical designer for clothing, mens and kid specifically and I really want to go into the direction of shoe design…I’m going back to school and hopefully I will get a 2nd degree in accessory design and study abroad in london. I’m really have great ideas but I know nothing about the shoe making process. I would really appreciate it if you would tell me more about your journey. Thanks.

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